Professional Electric Blackhead Suction Facial Cleaner Face Vacuum Pore Cleaner

  • Model No:  Dana D70
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clean skin

diamond dermabrasion role in the dermis, making skin activation, repair and egenaration

for Acne, acne skin treatment

for dry skin

for sagging skin and wrinkles

for stain and dull skin

for skin hyper-pigmentation


small, easy to carry

3 different degree of thickness of diamond tips:

small one used in delicate and sensitive parts of the skin, such as around the eye

middle one used in face and neck

big one used in rough skin and wrinkle parts, such as the body, elbow, knee

3 different size vacuum treatment heads

double filtration device, easy to clean, prevent the obstruction into the interior of the machine effectively

suitable for different kinds of skins, also sensitive skin

no excitability, no stabbing pain, no need to anesthetize

the effect is significant

after finished the treatment, then will not affect the work and social