Red, Blue, Purple Teeth Whiten Lamp with plate

  • Model No:  Dana D300
  • Item No:     82660113
  • Min order: 1 unit
  • Accept Min order: Yes
  • Country of Origin: China ShenZhen
  • Stock Time:5 Days
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Broad spectrum: 430~490nm(Blue light);
620~640nm(Red light);
380~400nm(Purple light)
Voltage: AC:100V~240V
Light source: 4~5W/pc(Blue light);
2~3W/pc(Red light);
1W(Purple light)
Screen: 5 inch touch electronic display
Feature: Work time counting function
three kinds of colors: blue, red, purple
Gross Weight: 7.5KG
Package size: 22cm*47cm*70cm