1064nm long pulse laser hair removal machine

  • Model No: Dana RSL100
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The 1064 nm long pulse is top quality equipment, it have powerful function and perfect effect, including

1.Painless hair removal for all skin colors and hair;

2. Fungus nail removal, Hyperthyroidism/ Onychomycosis

3. Vascular removal, Spider vein removal, Varicose veins Removal;

4. Acne removal;

5. Skin Rejuvenation and skin cleansing;

6. Skin Lifting If you operate beauty salon or clinic, you can choose this machine





Product name Long pulse
Brand Dana Beauty
Control system Touch LED screen
Wavelength 1064 nm
Pulse width 1ms-40ms
Energy output 110J/cm2
Spot diameter 10 mm
Laser transmission Φ1.5mm super power biquartz fiber
Aiming beam 650nm semiconductor
Frequency 0.5Hz-5Hz
Handle Adjustable and contractile
Cooling system Closed Water Circulation ,Blanket heat-removal system and blanket Heat-removal System
Overall size 64cm×43cm×145cm
Voltage AC220V/110V 10A 50/60Hz
Weight  N.W:55KG G.W:60KG