Hydra Facial Skin Clean Machine

  • Model No: Dana S100
  • Item No:    60200406
  • Min order:1  piece
  • Accept Min order: Yes
  • Supply Ability: 1000 piece / Month
  • Country of Origin: China Shenzhen
  • Stock Time: 3 Days
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● 6” display, clear, smooth touch performance
● The solution is placed in the bottle.
● A large number of waste water bottles with built-in sensing device full water alarm, help to extend the life of the machine
● Treatment table bracket for easy placement

1. Ultrasonic probe
tighten and lift the skin to accelerate the absorption of nutrients

2. Ice head
Converging hair follicles, locking in moisture. Shrinking pores, releasing ice force, penetrates deep into the skin from the epidermis, and promotes skin pores to shrink to form a protective film

3. Spray gun
High-frequency spray gun, quickly hydrating. High-frequency atomization vibration causes water molecules to decompose rapidly, forming nano-scale spray beads particles

4. RF radio head
Let the skin absorb nutrients better

5. BIO micro head
Firms skin & improves fine lines / dark circles

6. Water writing pen probe
Deep cleansing, blackheads / acne / horny dirt

7. Colored mask
Colorful mask, spectral skin care

Application: beauty hospital, salon

How to use? (Instructions)
Steps of Operation:
1. Connecting accessories which are needed well.
2. Connecting power and opening the main power of machine, the machine comes into state of standby.
3. Pressing the icon at (b) to choose accessories. (From left to right, followed by Bubble cleaner handle,
BIO Micro-electric therapy handle, RF Radio Frequency handle, Ultrasound handle, Ice repair handle.
If you chose a icon of accessory, it will displays a red border.
4. Pressing the “-,+” at (f) to adjust accessory you chose which discharging strength (0-10 levels are adjustable.
0 for no output. bubble open can’t adjust strength.)
5. Pressing the “▲▼” at (c) to adjust working time (1-60 minutes are adjustable, the default time is 30 minutes.)
6. Pressing “START” at (e), Red words for operating, White words for pausing.)
7. Setting the relevant output, using the appropriate accessories for caring;
8. Spray-function operation as the above operating steps. (Pressing “g” point, Oxygen spray handle can not adjust output strength.)
9. After caring, please remove the accessories to clean and dry, placing in a dry and ventilated place.

Package include:
●1x Beauty Machine
●1x Seven-color light Mask
●1x Oxygen spray handle
●1x Ice repair handle
●1x Ultrasound handle
●1x RF Radio Frequency handle
●1x Bubble cleaner handle
●1x BIO Micro-electric therapy handle
●8x Bubble cleaneing heads


Product Description
Material:Acrylamide Butadiene Polystyrene (ABS)
Color: white
Voltage: AC110V-220V
Frequency: 50HZ-60HZ
Power: 150W
Vacuum suction: 3MMHG
Technology: Water dermabrasion/ Ultrasound/Bio micro-current